Live the “Tavata Chalets” experience

In Finnish, the word “Tavata” means “meet”. We believe that the best holiday memories are those made with the people you meet. Swapping stories with someone who has lived a life completely different from your own can be an experience that stays with you forever.

In addition to providing access to some of the most magnificent chalets in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, our team helps create opportunities to meet locals and spend some time in their shoes. When booking with us, you’ll have the opportunity to bring a storyteller to your campfire on the beach, to discover the most beautiful snowmobile trails with a guide who knows the woods like the back of his hand or have a chef cook you a typical Saguenay meal without having to leave the chalet.

Just ask, and we’ll bring the adventure directly to you!

We look forward to having you stay with us!


Notre équipe



A globetrotter at heart, Gaëlle can hardly sit still for 5 minutes! As someone who loves discovering new things, her childhood dream was to be an immigrant such was her intrigue for the cultural richness brought by those coming from elsewhere.

She completed her degree in International Studies and Modern Languages in 2017. She’s lived in Costa Rica, Brazil, China and Newfoundland. Her travels have helped her understand and speak multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and English.

We have the great honor and pleasure of having her as President and Co-founder of the company. She lives with her life and business partner Yoan in Saint-David-de-Falardeau where she is a proud mum of two boys. This adventurer definitely does things her own way, including building and living in a mini-home for 5 years. For more on that you can visit the Facebook Page.

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A Quebec lumberjack with a tender heart, Yoan is a contemplator when it comes to anything that grows or moves in the forest. Having completed his degree in adventure tourism in 2012, he has continued to multiply his adventures in wild lands ever since. Living according to the adage that each person can teach him something, he will never misses an opportunity, to ask a few questions.

Convinced that it is the bonds that we forge between us that constitute a good life, Gaëlle and he started Tavata Chalets in 2016 wishing to offer their guests an unforgettable stay as well as the opportunity to meet the poeple of the magnificent Saguenay-Lac region.

We have him on the team as vice president and co-founder.

Sometimes of an extreme nature, he completed a 5000km solo crossing of Canada before completing a cycling tour of Lake Saint-Jean. Riding a bike and learning sign language? Possible when sharing the road for a few days with deaf and mute cyclists!



Coming to us straight from the Canadian Rockies, Jamie has a passion and a particular talent for the arts. Her eye for creating different aesthetics helps the team present our chalets in the best possible light.

She currently occupies the role of manage of customer experience and visual creation. A student of political science at the local university, her free time is divided between reading, drawing and tattooing. You can see her work on her Instagram page.

If you want to visit the Saguenay Fjord up close, take a page from her book and book an adventure with Voile Mercator!

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